My Designs

This is where I will post all of my work, both stitchings, and pattern designs, as well as a few framed works, and graphic designs that can become patterns, and probably will, in the coming future. Watch my postings for more info.

My Shop Items:

Pokemon Sign - Home Sweet Home   Set of 2 Pokemon Bookmarks   Pokemon Gold - Charizard   Pokemon RB - Kanto Map   Pokemon Yellow - Kanto Map   Pokemon GS - Johto Map   Pokemon GS - Kanto Map   Pokemon Sign - Keep Calm   Ancient Mew Card Promo   Pokemon GS - Team Rocket Job Ad   Pokemon GS - Kimono Girl Job Poster   The Truck is a lie   Custom Pokemon Encounters   Custom Pokemon Battles   Custom Pokemon Start Screen   Pokemon Yellow - S.S. Anne (C)   Custom A Trainer and Their Pokemon   Porygon - A Programmer's Favorite Pokemon 1   16 Bedges Pokemon Frame   Custom Pokemon iPhone Case

Stitchings I’ve Created:

Pokemon Bookmark   Charizard Stitch   Home is Where the Controller is (2)     Pokemon Johto Map Stitching   Welcome to S.S. Anne!   Pokemon GS - Blastoise   Pokemon GS - Venusaur

Framed Work: 

DK Ending Framed   Eevee Framed   Charizard Framed   S.S. Anne Framed

Graphic Designs I’ve Done:

Coming Soon!


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