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Welcome to S.S. Anne! Framed

Well, time for another framed work. This time, with the S.S. Anne:

Title: Welcome to S.S. Anne!
Date of Completion: July 2013
Count: 16
Video Game: Pokemon Red, Blue, & Yellow

S.S. Anne Framed

Description: I started stitching this piece, and then set it aside because I got bored with it. One day, I came across my old original Game Boy, and I thought that I could combine that with my new found art of custom mats for my stitchings, so I made a custom mat of my Game Boy for this stitching, All I’ve asked for opinions have given me plenty of positive comments, saying that the mat makes the piece. Feel free to leave your opinions below.


Charizard Pokedex Entry Framed

Well, as promised, here is the Charizard stitching I’ve done, now all framed.

Title: Pokemon GS – Charizard Pokedex Entry
Date of Completion: May 2013
Count; 18
Video Game: Pokemon Gold & Silver

Charizard Framed

Description: Charizard sat around my room, and I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with him, until I found the Pokedex entry for Pokemon Gold and Silver. I realized then that the Pokedex description fit him perfectly, so I decided to frame him with a customized version of the Pokedex entry. It turned out quite well, because everyone thought that Every inch of that was stitched, as supposed to just the top corner Pokemon image.

P.S. Sorry the image ┬áis rotated. That is the blog’s doing, and not my own.

Derpy Eevee Framed

Hello All! Time to introduce you to something I’ve just started doing: Framed Works. I’ve done a lot of stitchings throughout the past year, and I decided to finally frame them all with custom mats that i’ve created. So let’s get started:

Title: Derpy Eevee
Date of Completion: May 2013
Count: 14
Video Game: Pokemon Franchise

Eevee Framed

Description: I found this on a Sprite Stitch forum, uncompleted by the designer, so I decided to finish it, and stitch it for myself. I think it turned out well, but, like Charizard, the stitching sat around in my room for a while. I thin finally decided to frame it with a spare frame I had lying around, and a custom mat idea in my head. After it was all finished, I think it turned out rather well, being framed. I will introduce Charizard at a later date.