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Pokemon GS – Venusaur Stitching

As promised, Here is my stitching of Venusaur

Title: Pokemon GS – Venusaur
Date of Completion:
Count: 16
Video Game: Pokemon Gold & Silver

Pokemon GS - Venusaur

Description: This is a part of a set that I’m creating, with Blastoise and Charizard, along with Venusaur framed with their respectable Pokedex entries. I think this one turned out well. Soon, I’ll post Blastoise and Venusaur in their frames, and then the whole set, framed.


Pokemon GS – Blastoise Stitching

Here’s an interesting idea:

Title: Pokemon GS – Blastoise
Date of Completion:
Count: 16
Video Game: Pokemon Gold & Silver

Pokemon GS - Blastoise

Description: I had the idea a month after staring at the Charizard Pokedex Entry that I had framed, and I thought that I would make a complete set, of Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise. I think Blastoise turned out well, with the darker colors. Tomorrow, I’ll post Venusaur, and soon, both these stitchings with their respectable Pokedex entries.

Custom Pokemon iPhone Case Pattern

Here’s an interesting pattern listing that I haven’t come across before:

Title: Custom Pokemon iPhone Case
Video Game: Pokemon Franchise (Red – Crystal)

Pokemon RB - Charmander iPhone Case

Description: I had a custom order come into my shop a week ago, asking for a pattern for an iPhone case they had purchased. Pictured, is the Charmander case that I developed for them. I then decided that There may be others who buy those cases for their phones, and want a pattern for those, so I’m offering a custom pattern for those cases. The link to this pattern listing is below:

16 Badges Pokemon Frame Pattern

Here’s a unique pattern for you all!

Title: 16 Badges Pokemon Frame
Video Game: Pokemon Gold, Silver, & Crystal

16 Bedges Pokemon Frame

Description: This is a very unique pattern I came up with. It takes the 16 badges from Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, and encompasses them around a central figure, Red, the Pokemon Master. This is unique, as it comes in two different styles: the first being the 16 badges encompassing Red, and the second style being the 16 badges encompassing a blank square, which you can then use to put your own picture in. The link to purchase this pattern can be found below:

Porygon – A Programmer’s Favorite Pokemon Pattern

Time for another addition to my Etsy shop.

Title: Porygon – A Programmer’s Favorite Pokemon
Video Game: Pokemon FireRed, & Pokemon Green

Porygon - A Programmer's Favorite Pokemon 1 Porygon - A Programmer's Favorite Pokemon 2

Description: I came up with this concept from seeing a binary line that I used to read years ago, and reading the Pokedex entry for Porygon earlier. Porygon has always been one of my favorites, And I came up with the idea of altering a black and white image of Porygon from the game, Pokemon Green. Pokemon Green was the Japanese game, that was later changed to Pokemon Blue when the US conversion happened around 1997. Now, you have the choice between the Porygon pattern from FireRed, as the first image, or the altered Porygon from Pokemon Green, which is the second image. The link to the pattern on my shop page is located below:

Welcome to S.S. Anne! Framed

Well, time for another framed work. This time, with the S.S. Anne:

Title: Welcome to S.S. Anne!
Date of Completion: July 2013
Count: 16
Video Game: Pokemon Red, Blue, & Yellow

S.S. Anne Framed

Description: I started stitching this piece, and then set it aside because I got bored with it. One day, I came across my old original Game Boy, and I thought that I could combine that with my new found art of custom mats for my stitchings, so I made a custom mat of my Game Boy for this stitching, All I’ve asked for opinions have given me plenty of positive comments, saying that the mat makes the piece. Feel free to leave your opinions below.

Charizard Pokedex Entry Framed

Well, as promised, here is the Charizard stitching I’ve done, now all framed.

Title: Pokemon GS – Charizard Pokedex Entry
Date of Completion: May 2013
Count; 18
Video Game: Pokemon Gold & Silver

Charizard Framed

Description: Charizard sat around my room, and I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with him, until I found the Pokedex entry for Pokemon Gold and Silver. I realized then that the Pokedex description fit him perfectly, so I decided to frame him with a customized version of the Pokedex entry. It turned out quite well, because everyone thought that Every inch of that was stitched, as supposed to just the top corner Pokemon image.

P.S. Sorry the image ┬áis rotated. That is the blog’s doing, and not my own.