A Trainer and their Pokemon Pattern

Here is a small patch that I designed recently.

Title: A Trainer and their Pokemon
Video Game: Pokemon Franchise (Red – Crystal)

A Trainer and his Bulbasaur    A Trainer and his Pikachu (Y) A Trainer and his Chikorita (G)    A Trainer and his Cyndaquil (S) A Trainer and his Chikorita (C)    A Trainer and her Totodile (C)

Description: I had a very nice idea that what people like are small patterns, ones that you can stitch in a few days, and didn’t involve many colors, so I devised a unique little “patch” displaying the main character with a pokemon, with a different background with each one. Above you will find a few examples of the “patches” I’ve designed, however, if you would like one, but not one of the ones above, send me a message with the following in the message, and I will create the pattern for you.

– Send me a message specifying the game you want the scene from (Red/Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, or Crystal)
– If your choice is Crystal, specify a boy or girl trainer.
– Specify the Pokemon you want in the background, corresponding with the game they’re from. (Meaning Bulbasaur in any of the games, Chikorita only in Gold, Silver, or Crystal)
– Specify the background (grassy area? Mountainous? an area from a specific city?)

The link for this pattern is below:



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