Welcome to S.S. Anne Stitching

Notice: This  stitching has appeared on the blog, SpriteStitch.com! To view it, click the link here: http://www.spritestitch.com/welcome-to-the-s-s-anne/

Well, as promised, I stitched the Welcome to S.S. Anne pattern I posted yesterday, so, here it is:

Title: Welcome to S.S. Anne!
Date of Completion: June 2013
Count: 16
Video Game: Pokemon Red, Blue, & Yellow

Welcome to S.S. Anne!

Description: Like I said yesterday, I always wanted to see the original S.S. Anne shown somewhere else, other than the video game. I think this stitching turned out rather well, and I have the perfect idea on how to frame it, but that will have to wait for another time…

Also, Sorry that this is turned 90 degrees clockwise, it is not my doing, it is the blog to blame for that.


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