Custom Pokemon Battle Pattern

Here are another bunch of patterns on my shop, that are perfect screenshots, and can be easily changed and altered to provide you with what you want.

Title: Custom Pokemon Battle
Video Game: Pokemon Franchise (from Red to Crystal)

Pokemon Battle - Pikachu vs. Eevee    Pokemon GS Battle - Meganium vs. Typhlosion

Description: The following pictures above show that these are screenshots of various pokemon battles that I have created patterns for, but I can easily create a different one on request. just follow the instructions below, which are also on my shop listing:

“All you have to do is purchase this pattern, and specify the Pokémon you want, the levels, the HP bar, and the game style, and I will create the pattern for you. Displayed are examples of what can become a pattern. If you want the example, specify it when you order.”

Send that Information to me, and I will create a patten for you. The listing is below, but I advise you to send me a message requesting it, and then you can purchase the pattern once I complete it.


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