The Truck is a Lie Pattern

Today, I offer you a different sign. This time, it is mixed.

Title: The Truck is a Lie
Video Game: Pokemon Red & Blue, and Portal

The Truck is a lie

Description: I decided to cross two different kinds of games with this pattern. I took the popular saying from the Portal games, “The cake is a lie” and combined it with the myth behind the truck in Pokemon. According to the myth, you would be able to find Mew under the truck, which is parked off to the side on the S.S. Anne pier. To get to it though, you’d have to use HM03 Surf, but you can’t get HM01 Cut from the ship, because then you can’t get to the ship. Well, I’m here to tell you, The Truck is a Lie. The link to this sign can be found below:


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