Pokemon TCG – Ancient Mew Card Promo Pattern

“I began my collection with a Mew card, and now I have all this.”
– Lawrence from Pokemon The Movie 2000.

Pokemon The Movie 2000 is by far, my favorite Pokemon movie, with second place being a tie between the first and third movies.

Title: Pokemon TCG – Ancient Mew Card Promo
Source: Free card with a ticket to Pokemon The Movie 2000 in theaters.

Ancient Mew Card Promo

Description: I always loved this card, and I always wanted to stitch it, but unfortunately, I never had the time to stitch it, so when I posted this pattern on my shop, I added a contest to it also. Here is the direct quoting from the listing:

“I always wanted to stitch this, and have started it and picked it up a few times, but have never finished it. I would live to see this stitched and framed, so here is the contest:

Buy the pattern, and stitch it, on any size Aida you prefer, and take a picture of it completed (and preferably framed, but it doesn’t have to be.)

The first person to send me a [good, high quality] picture of this completed stitching will get their next pattern from my store, FREE! (up to a $10 value)

That’s not all though. Your picture will be posted in the pattern listing, and if you own an Etsy shop, a good word will be spread around to promote it.

If you didn’t get the first picture in, that’s ok. If you send me a better picture, yours will be posted too, with a good word spread about your Etsy shop (if you have one).”

I welcome everyone to purchase this pattern and to send in a picture if you stitch it the way I designed it. the link to the posting is below. Good Luck to all who attempt it!



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