Pokemon GS – Johto Map Pattern

Time for another map. This one is from the Gold and Silver games of Pokemon, and is the map to the  Johto region.

Title: Pokemon GS – Johto Map
Video Game: Pokemon Gold & Silver

Pokemon GS - Johto Map

Description: This is a great map, as it was the first one I encountered that was in color. (I played Pokemon Gold soon after Red, then I got Blue, and finally Yellow later on.) It’s always good to get out and explore a new area, taking a Cyndaquil and running an errend for prof. Elm. (I like Cyndaquil more than the others, although Chikorita is pretty cool too.) Now you can stitch this wonderful map. I know I did, but that will have to wait till tomorrow. If you’d like to purchase this pattern, follow the link below.



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