Pokemon Yellow – Kanto Map Pattern

Here’s a new map, of the same place, around the same time, but from a different game.

Title: Pokemon Yellow – Kanto Map
Video Game: Pokemon Yellow

Pokemon Yellow - Kanto Map

Description: This seemingly familiar map is from a game that clashes two ideas together. the first being the standard Red & Blue video games, and the second being the Pokemon anime. I assume you’ve all seen the Pokemon anime, but for those of you that haven’t, here’s a recap: A young boy named Ash receives a Pikachu from Prof. Oak in Pallet Town and goes on a journey around the Kanto region to find, battle, and (very rarely) capture Pokemon. This game gives you a Pikachu as a starter and Puts you out on your Pokemon journey, just like Ash. This map is the map for that game, and now, you can stitch it too.



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