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Pokemon GS – Kanto Map Pattern

Here’s my last map, of a familiar, yet updated place:

Title: Pokemon GS – Kanto Map
Video Game: Pokemon Gold & Silver

Pokemon GS - Kanto Map

Description: A familiar sight, but three years have gone by since (in the games, not my postings :-P) I think these games are my favorite, because not only do you win the 8 badges of Johto, but then you go on to collect the 8 badges of Kanto as well. If only the other Pokemon games were like that, I’d be buying em, and playing em more often. To purchase this pattern, I’ve posted the link below.


Pokemon GS – Johto Map Stitching

Like I had mentioned yesterday, I stitched the Johto map that I posted the pattern to. So now, here it is:

Title: Pokemon GS – Johto Map
Date of Completion: September 2012
Count: 18
Video Game: Pokemon Gold & Silver

Pokemon Johto Map Stitching

Description: I think this turned out quite well. It was the first big project I ever finished, as the only projects I had finished prior to this was the small $1 stitchings that you buy at a craft store, and the Love Forever stitching I had finished a few months ago. This was my first real big jump into stitching sprites from video games, or even making the patterns for them either.

Pokemon GS – Johto Map Pattern

Time for another map. This one is from the Gold and Silver games of Pokemon, and is the map to the  Johto region.

Title: Pokemon GS – Johto Map
Video Game: Pokemon Gold & Silver

Pokemon GS - Johto Map

Description: This is a great map, as it was the first one I encountered that was in color. (I played Pokemon Gold soon after Red, then I got Blue, and finally Yellow later on.) It’s always good to get out and explore a new area, taking a Cyndaquil and running an errend for prof. Elm. (I like Cyndaquil more than the others, although Chikorita is pretty cool too.) Now you can stitch this wonderful map. I know I did, but that will have to wait till tomorrow. If you’d like to purchase this pattern, follow the link below.

Pokemon Yellow – Kanto Map Pattern

Here’s a new map, of the same place, around the same time, but from a different game.

Title: Pokemon Yellow – Kanto Map
Video Game: Pokemon Yellow

Pokemon Yellow - Kanto Map

Description: This seemingly familiar map is from a game that clashes two ideas together. the first being the standard Red & Blue video games, and the second being the Pokemon anime. I assume you’ve all seen the Pokemon anime, but for those of you that haven’t, here’s a recap: A young boy named Ash receives a Pikachu from Prof. Oak in Pallet Town and goes on a journey around the Kanto region to find, battle, and (very rarely) capture Pokemon. This game gives you a Pikachu as a starter and Puts you out on your Pokemon journey, just like Ash. This map is the map for that game, and now, you can stitch it too.

Pokemon RB – Kanto Map Pattern

This week I’m planning a trip to Maine, so I thought this week, I would post a few maps of places i’d love to go to, If I was ever in cyberspace 🙂

Title: Pokemon RB – Kanto Map
Video Game: Pokemon Red & Blue

Pokemon RB - Kanto Map

Description: The original map to the original Pokemon games. If there was ever a good place to start out, it would be in Pallet Town, choosing a Squirtle (my opinion, to all you Bulbasaur and Charmander lovers), and heading north to Pewter City to beat Brock’s ass. Now you can stitch this map, to remind you of a familiar black and white world from about 18 years ago.

Love Forever – DK 1980s Ending Stitching

Ah, June . The month I celebrate a special lady’s birthday. So, to commemorate this special day, I’ve created a stitching for her, that I call, Love Forever.

Title: Love Forever – DK 1980s Ending
Date of Completion: June 2012
Count: 14
Video Game: Donkey Kong (1980s)

DK Ending Framed

Description: I decided to stitch this pattern for my lovely significant other bcasue it shows that, from the first game Mario and Peach appeared in, He has been saving her for over 30 years, with many more years to continue that saving, as long as the games even exist. The love Mario shows for Peach will carry on, forever, as my love for my other (better) half will live on forever.

Home is Where the Controller Is Stitching

Time to show off another stitching, from last year:

Title: Home is Where the Controller Is
Date of Completion: October, 2012
Count: 14
Video Game: NES Misc.

Home is Where the Controller is (2)

Description: I saw this (similar) design on a Sprite Stitch Forum, and I really liked it, but they never posted the pattern. So, what I did when I want to stitch something from just a picture of someone’s stitching, is I look at the picture of the stitching and copy, as best I can, a reproduction pattern for myself. Usually when I do that, I copy the exact pattern, then modify it till I like it, then I stitch it. It turned out rather well, in my opinion. The picture is a bit dark, but i still think it came out pretty well.