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Pokemon GS – Charizard Stitching

As promised, here is my stitching of Charizard, from the pattern I posted yesterday:

Title: Pokemon GS – Charizard
Date of Completion: January 2013
Count: 18
Video Game: Pokemon Gold

Charizard Stitch

Description: Like I said yesterday, Charizard is my favorite Pokemon in the Pokemon games, and I thought that this Charizard looks better than the actual Pokemon in the game, so I decided to stitch it. I think it came out rather well. I do have an idea to frame it, but that’s for another time. For now, Enjoy this stitching of a Pokemon who should be considered a dragon, especially more than some Pokemon.


Pokemon GS – Charizard Pattern

There be a dragon here, and his name, forevermore, is Charizard! Ok, so Charizard isn’t a dragon type, he’s generally a fire/flying type Pokemon in the Pokemon games, but he’s been my favorite for years, because he looks like, well, a dragon.

Title Pokemon GS – Charizard
Video Game: Pokemon Gold

Pokemon Gold - Charizard

Description: This Charizard appears on the starting video clip before the Pokemon Gold and Silver Start screens appear in their respected games. I thought that this Charizard looks better than the actual Pokemon in the game, so i decided to create a pattern for him and stitch him as well. Tomorrow I will post the stitching, but today, here is the pattern, with the link to the item in my shop. Enjoy!

Pokemon Bookmark Stitching

Well, as promised, here is my Pokemon Bookmark, stitched on that scrap of 18ct. Aida I had left over from other stitchings.

Title: Pokemon Bookmark
Date of Completion: March 2013
Count: 18
Video Game: Pokemon Red/Blue

Pokemon Bookmark

Description: This stitching places Ash, Pikachu, and Gary Oak in between two Pokeballs. All graphics come from the original Pokemon Red and Blue video games.

Pokemon Bookmarks Pattern

I ‘d like to introduce you all to my second most popular item in my shop, these set of two Pokemon bookmarks.

Title: Pokemon Bookmarks
Video Game: Pokemon Red/Blue

Set of 2 Pokemon Bookmarks

Description: The inspiration behind this pattern was that out of all the stitchings I’ve done on a 15″x18″ roll of 18ct. Aida, I was left with a huge patch, and a small little strip. So, I wondered what I could do with this strip of fabric, and after several pattern designs, I came up with two possibilities. Then I thought to market both of them as a set of two after I stitched my bookmark. Tomorrow I’ll show you all how the bookmark I stitched on that small strip of Aida turned out. Click the link below to purchase this cross stitch pattern.

Home Sweet Home Pokemon Sign Pattern

I thought I’d start these posts off by introducing you to my top seller on my store, My Pokemon sign, Home Sweet Home.

Title: Home Sweet Home
Video Game: Pokemon Red/Blue

Pokemon Sign - Home Sweet Home

Description: I have seen this design from several different people, and I always wanted to try designing a pattern using complete game graphics, right down to the lettering. It’s turned out quite well, considering that it’s my top seller on my Etsy shop. Click the link below to purchase this cross stitch pattern.

Welcome to the new KDStitching Blog!

Kevin18875 here, and I would like to welcome you to my new blog, KDStitching. This is where you will find some extensive information about my various cross stitch patters, as well as hear about some new ones that will hit my store. Who knows? You might see a free pattern hit the site every now and then. Keep a look out, and visit my shop,